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Color Chart

Color Chart
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Aluminum Color Chart
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1 piece
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Jiangsu Lidao
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T/T, L/C
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Tue, 12 Mar 2013 16:42:55 GMT

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 piece


Aluminum Coil Colors available


Color Chart

Aluminum Coil Colors available: 

(1).For general colors, please refer to our color chart

(2).Customized color, please note the following

a. Provide a sample color: better to be a color painted on metal base in order to prevent color difference

b. If you know the factory color code or international standard color code, just provide us with those code number. This could be the quickest and most precise method .

c. Normally it will take 1 week for us to counter-provide our color samples for you to compare and confirm  by the co-work of our painting experts and the paint suppliers.

d. After receiving our counter-samples, pls. confirm to us as quick as possible in order for us to set out for production accordingly.

WhiteIvory whiteSilver grey

Flash silver


Jade silver

Lake blue silver

Finland green

Silver grey

Mouse color

Palm copper

Flash gold

Grey blue


China red